For Accountants
The data extraction and analytics software for accountants that automates and streamlines
audit preparation and enables practices to provide value-added services to their clients.

Without Validis


Manual exporting and extraction of data from various sources drains significant resource for both accountant and client. Constant back and forth is required to make sure all data is accurate.


Large volumes of data in varying formats must be unified and copy/pasted together. Hours are drained checking data for errors and rekeying information from one format to another. Once formatted, files are then transferred via unsecure email and fax.


Once the data is received, accountants must compile their own financial reports, audit packs and working papers before they can start the review process. This can take hours.

With Validis


At the touch of a button, Validis connects directly to your client’s accounting software and extracts an exact copy of their data. No manual interference means no manual errors and data integrity remains intact.


Regardless of accounting package, the unique  Validis algorithms check data for errors and anomalies and create uniform, standardised reports.


Data analytics can be accessed quickly and securely via our unique pluggable feed or online portal. Validis generates a full set of financial reports and audit pack that you can drill down into and analyse.

Validis doesn't cut billable hours, it gives time back to your practice that can be spent on higher value work.

Created by accountants for accountants, Validis undertakes the labour intensive, resource draining data compilation and preparation process required before audits and other review engagements. Regardless of accounting package, Validis presents your client’s entire General Ledger to you in clear, standardised reports that can be instantly downloaded to your desktop ready for review.

Validis improves

Audit efficiency – our software doesn’t cut billable hours it cuts the time spent on manual data preparation so you can focus on higher value consultative work.

Audit quality – Validis provides a full data set in standardised report format, enabling a comprehensive analytical review. Accounting data is extracted direct from a client’s accounting package, eradicating any opportunity for human error.

Audit security – Validis is ISO 27001 certified and all data is 256 bit AES encrypted for complete security.

Client experience – Validis offers a fast and simple solution to what can be a repetitive and painstaking process. Just a few clicks and their full accounting data is visible on your screen in under 10 minutes.

Validis doesn’t replace the unique service you provide to your clients, it enhances it.

Validis gives you instant access to

Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
Trial Balance
Aged Debtors Report
Debtors Activity Report
Aged Creditors Report
Creditors Activity Report
Full Audit Preparation Pack
Full General Ledger Report
Full Journal Entries Report
Full Historical Information
Double Entry Level Drill Down Functionality

The Data Journey

1. Account activation
Both you and your client sign up via a simple web portal

2. Client verification
Client authorises data access and automated data transmission begins

3. Double entry data interrogation
Validis drills down into data set checking for anomalies and errors

4. Standardised reports are generated
Full audit pack, working papers presented with drill down functionality

5. Full data set analysis
Downloads instantly available for comprehensive analysis

6. Online access anytime
Cloud based application means you can access data anytime and anywhere

The Benefits

Validis improves internal workflow and external client experience. As we often white label our software, the benefits of Validis become an extension of the service you already provide.


Streamlined process gives time back to your practice

Increased efficiencies result in cost savings

Refocus on higher value consultative work


Days of data preparation reduced to minutes

Full audit pack and working papers available in minutes

Downloads instantly available for review


Uniform format regardless of accounting software

Manage and compare multiple clients in one platform

Consistent drill down functionality for transactional level view


Easy account activation via simple web portal

No software installation or download required

Just a few clicks of a mouse enables full data transparency


ISO 27001 certified software

Data is 256 AES encrypted for absolute security

Secure extraction process ensures data integrity and mitigates risk


Unique, patented algorithms

Data interrogated down to double entry level

Full analysis and validation

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