Technology for Commercial Lenders
Allows your customers to easily provide financials directly from their accounting system.

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Without Validis


Manual labor intensive and time consuming request for information process for commercial lenders and their business clients.


Manual formatting of financial data in varying forms detract from higher value work and risks data quality.


Manual creation of financial reports drives resource inefficiency.

With Validis


At the touch of a button, Validis connects directly to the borrower’s accounting application and enables secure sharing of their full transactional history.


Validis interrogates the data for accuracy and transforms it into a comprehensive set of standardized reports that can be downloaded into Excel or ported into back office systems.


In just minutes, lenders gain access to a complete view of the borrower’s liquidity history and collections for easy analysis and examination.

Digitizing the borrower journey for commercial lenders.

Validis is a secure financial data sharing and standardization technology that provides lenders with a faster way to make confident lending decisions.  Our technology digitizes the borrower’s experience and significantly reduces the resources involved with loan origination and risk management.  Validis facilitates transparent, paperless onboarding, automates financial risk monitoring, and provides a dedicated portal with white labeling available and military-grade security.


Validis is now SOC 2 compliant!

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Standardized Financial Reports

End User Reconciliations Report
Aged Receivables Report
Balance Sheet Report
Receivables Movement Report
Financial Covenants Report
Income Statement Report
Sales Invoice Report
Aged Payables Report
Payables Movement Report
Full Audit Preparation Pack
Trial Balance Report
Monthly Management Accounts

The Data Journey

1. Account Activation
Both the lender and loan applicant sign up via a simple web portal.

2. Client Verification
The borrower authorizes data access and the automated transmission begins.

3. Account Management
Submission of standardized monthly accounts.

4. Covenant Monitoring
Real time performance monitoring and breakdown notification.

5. Financial Data Feeds
Transmission of complete ledger data.

6. Online Access Anytime
Cloud-based means you have real time data access.

The Benefits

Validis speed-icon


Accurate financial data from the loan applicant’s SMB accounting software to your screen in minutes, improving your borrower’s experience and saving you time.

Validis savings-icon


Reduced risk and increased efficiency result in significant time and cost savings for you and your business clients.

Validis simplicity-icon


With just a few clicks of the mouse, you have access to real time data providing an up-to-date, transparent view of the financials.

Validis Standardization-icon


Regardless of the SMB accounting application, Validis produces standardized reports saving you time spent on manual formatting.

Validis security icon


ISO 27001 certified
SOC 2 certified
NIST Standard
AES 256 BIT encryption

Validis Standardisation icon


Unique, patented algorithms analyze and interrogate the data ensuring data quality is intact.

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