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AI driven audit technology to deliver a step change in the quality and effectiveness of your client audits.

Seamlessly extract and standardize accounting data, while fully automating 3rd party transaction verification, freeing up valuable resources to focus on deeper analysis and other audit tasks.

Why use DataShare for Audit?

AI driven data verification

Verification Workpapers from Validis fully automates verification of transactions against 3rd party bank data – vastly reducing the need to sample.

Seamless data standardization

Only Validis’ proprietary technology generates a fully standardised chart of accounts from your client’s accounting data – enabling you to automate decision making and spend time on due diligence.

Advanced digital data extraction

Unparalleled offline and online accounting package connectivity ensures you can rapidly access and interpret your client’s financials.

“Verification Workpapers from Validis offers the single largest opportunity to increase audit quality in decades.”

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