“SME Lending has reached a crucial phase in its evolution”​

Key discussion points from our SME lending breakfast Earlier this month we ran a breakfast briefing in London for all our UK lending clients, brokers and partners. I’m pleased to say it was an informative and engaging session and the feedback from those that attended has been overtly positive. We were lucky that an excellent selection of our friends in [...]

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Leveraging Accounting Data to Deliver a Truly Personalized Service to SMEs

Today, customers expect an exceptional, unique and highly-personalized experience when dealing with their bank – and SMEs are no exception to that rule. Historically, a personalized experience was simply occasional face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or informal relationships. That’s no longer the case today and banks must evolve if they expect to remain competitive. Now, SMEs expect to have a deeper [...]

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Protect Your Bank (And Customers) From Cyber Attack

Bank robbery has been happening as long as there have been banks.  But today’s robbers use keyboards instead of pistols and ski masks. The biggest bank heists aren’t a single hacker emptying your granny’s bank account from his basement.  Cyber-attacks are highly organized, systematic, and brutal. Imagine a massive bank that holds the commercial loans of thousands of small businesses.  [...]

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Economic uncertainty impacting SME lending in the UK

The eagerly awaited findings from the Small Business Finance Markets 18/19 research report have been published by the British Business Bank this month and it paints a cautionary tale due to increased economic uncertainty. Held as a barometer for the attitudes and behaviours of the UK small business community, the report revealed two broad themes: The first, identified that [...]

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The Validis French Connection

Validis Staff Interview by Sheena VanDeVanter When I first met Geraldine Peyer, Sr. Customer Support Specialist at Validis, I was immediately taken by her charming French accent.  Overhearing her on the phone was more like listening to lilting poetry than detailed technical support, something she provides to our clients on a daily basis. I recently had the pleasure of sitting [...]

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What’s Better Than Alternative Data? Accounting Data.

Today, we hear about newer, cutting-edge “alternative data” categories like social behavior. While these new data types certainly have value, accounting data can provide a deep level of insight into an SME, enabling lenders to offer higher value, personalized services to potential customers and build a satisfied, loyal client-base. The daily decisions and transactions a small business makes can determine [...]

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How Financial Data Sharing APIs Are Helping Financial Institutions Support the Growing SMB Lending Market

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy and present a big opportunity for financial institutions, particularly now. Despite years of sluggish growth, we’re currently seeing steady increases in entrepreneurship with signs of continued growth ahead. In fact, the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index soared to 108.8 in August – a new record in the survey’s 45-year history, topping [...]

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Are You A Data-Enabled Lender?

We’ve all heard the expression, “Data is King.” To make effective decisions of any kind requires acquiring and analyzing data, and we can all agree that this is especially true for financial institutions. Yet, for decades, many have based small-business lending decisions on outdated data points such as FICO scores or tax returns. Even worse, that information is skewed and [...]

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Traditional vs Non-Traditional Lenders – Who is Winning and Why?

In today’s commercial lending landscape online lenders continue to gain ground over traditional banks.  SMBs are hungry for capital and would often rather pay a high rate for a quick turnaround than a better interest rate and have to wait.  It’s all about time. A traditional business loan application starts by filling out a form.  The form may be online, something [...]

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Increased Profit + Lower Stress = Happy Customers and Banks

I like things that are easy. Who doesn’t? The 80/20 rule is one of those things. It’s easy to understand, but perhaps better yet, it applies across a such a wide swath of topics that I think it’s fair to say it’s universal. For instance, I’m pretty sure 80% of my gray hair comes from 20% of the stupid things [...]

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