MarketInvoice Integrates with Validis Technology

MarketInvoice Integrates with Validis on Confidential Invoice Discounting Solution MarketInvoice and Validis joined forces to provide an end-to-end solution to one of the biggest pain points facing the UK SME market today – cashflow management. Unpaid invoices can cause huge cashflow issues for UK SMEs, and research shows businesses can waste over 100 hours a year following up on [...]

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WithumSmith+Brown Case Study Video

Jim Bourke, Head of Audit Innovation at WithumSmith+Brown, on why Validis is the future of audit technology. Withum is the 27th largest accounting firm in the US, with roughly $150m in revenue, a staff of about 900 and 2,000 audits conducted annually.  The firm began using DataShare to overcome the challenges that traditional auditing presents.  View the video to [...]

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Enhancing the Lending Process Through Data

Securing bank financing for a small business (SMB) is neither fast nor easy, but the people running those SMBs need it to be both. For financial institutions (FIs), too, it’s in the bank’s best interest to move the process along.  Small business borrowers expect quick decisions.  Data can empower banks to improve the their experience. [...]

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