Open Banking: Charting industry progress

Download your copy of this exclusive white paper and join the Open Banking discussion. Our new Open Banking whitepaper features Richard Davies (SME Banking Director at TSB) and Nick Vanstone (Director of Business Information Consulting at Experian) discussing: How far we’ve come with Open Banking in the UK The opportunity it presents for small businesses The additional value of complementary [...]

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The Data-Enabled Lender

Get your copy of this exclusive white paper and find out how you can improve your SMB lending efficiency by 80%. For decades, lenders have based small business lending decisions on outdated data points such as FICO scores or tax returns.  Even worse, that data is skewed and often inconsistent with the health and viability of the business. This white paper offers [...]

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Accomplishing Digital Transformation Whitepaper

Over the last few years the commercial lending industry has undergone considerable change. Low interest rates and a calmer financial climate have ensured plentiful opportunities for both lenders and the businesses they support to grow. At the center of all this change are SMEs. Previously overlooked, SMEs are now considered an important factor of the US economy and have [...]

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