DataShare Reconciliation

Removing the pain from CID reconciliation
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Drastically reduce the amount of manual data preparation at month end

Validis has automated the month-end reconciliation process for lenders offering confidential invoice discount solutions. Our unique offering utilizes next-generation data sharing and workflow capabilities to dramatically reduce the time taken to prepare, submit and review the invoice schedule at month end.

DataShare Reconciliation

Why use DataShare Reconciliation?

Client testimonials

"Validis Reconciliation removed 90% of the time it previously took me to manually prepare and submit my invoices on a monthly basis."

- CID client of a UK Tier 1 bank
Streamline submission of invoice schedule

Our unique data extraction and standardisation technology ensures SMEs can share their financial data at a click of a button

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Intelligent parameter setting and workflow management

Fully customisable parameter settings and an easy to follow workflow ensure the SME can rapidly prepare and submit their invoice schedule

Instant calculations and summary reports

Validis Reconciliation instantly builds an accurate debt position for the SME and produces reporting to automate invoice matching on behalf of the lender

DataShare Reconciliation

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