Real-time client financials.
No paper. No waiting.

DataShare provides a secure data pipe that extracts and delivers your client’s financials in real time, standardized for easy consumption. At the click of a button, your client connects their own accounting package to our software.  We extract, analyze and normalize the data then create clear, standardized reports in minutes while providing your clients with a painless digital journey.


Used by 3 of the Big 4 Accounting Firms

Connects to over 80% of online and offline accounting applications used by the SMB market

Used by over 80% of Tier 1 Banks in the UK

Drill down functionality to transactional-level detail

Provides a 25% time savings for audit and review engagements

Provides massive efficiency gains to the lending process

Presents data as standardized, configurable reports

Significantly reduces risk

For Accountants

  • Eliminate the need for error-prone and time consuming manual data entry

  • Get your client’s financials in a consistent format regardless of their accounting application

  • Audit 100% of the data, not just a sample

  • Allows continuous audit monitoring to reduce risk and improve controls

  • Delivers a wealth of data to mine for deeper client insight

For Lenders

  • Process more loans, faster and with fewer resources

  • Get borrower’s complete financial details from their accounting application in minutes

  • Cut weeks off the time it takes to gather, prepare, and evaluate financials

  • Make credit decisions up to 7x faster with autogenerated reports

  • Accurate, rich, standardized financial data delivers greater client insight, more cross-selling opportunities, and improved risk management

Now with Quality Score!

Quality Score provides an at-a-glance measure of the accuracy and consistency of book-keeping and accounting data processed by DataShare. It provides unique insight into the diligence of the client’s accounting function.

The score consists of 12 individual tests that check whether the receivables and payables ledgers agree to the general ledger, checking for posting and balance anomalies, measuring whether month end procedures are being performed regularly and assessing whether the accounting records are being updated regularly.

The results are displayed visually in a color-coded table for easy visualization.

DataShare users can request the Quality Score feature by contacting their account manager.


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