Financial Data Retrieval

What are the advantages of using Validis compared to just getting the reports from my client?2018-06-29T03:43:05-05:00

Validis DataShare essentially eliminates the back and forth requests for financial reports from your client. DataShare connects to your SMB client’s accounting application, collects the full transactional history, and automatically maps and standardizes the data. Our DataShare APIs allow you to receive and consume the data in the way that works best for you. Data retrieval, interrogation, encryption, and standardization takes just minutes. Reoccurring uploads of your client’s data can be scheduled using the upload scheduler tool available in the DataShare View portal.

Because there is no manual intervention in the process, you receive a complete and accurate snapshot of the data as it exists in the client’s accounting application at the moment of submission.

What information does Validis extract from my client’s accounting package?2018-06-15T14:16:24-05:00

Validis extracts the complete transactional details for the general ledger, receivables subledger, and payables subledger from your client’s accounting application.

Will our clients feel comfortable giving us access to their data?2018-06-29T14:28:11-05:00

Yes. The portal and communication to your client will be branded (white labeled) with your logo and colors. Validis essentially becomes an extension of your business.

Data Storing

How long is the data stored?2018-08-15T03:57:54-05:00

The data belongs to you. You should refer to the standard data retention practices outlined by your financial institution or firm.

Where is the data stored?2018-06-29T14:29:29-05:00

Data is stored in the country where your business is located. Validis protects the data during the signup, upload, transmission, and storage process. The data connection process, DataShare APIs and the DataShare View portal is hosted by Microsoft Azure.

Accounting Application Connectors

Which accounting applications does Validis connect to?2019-03-08T07:59:26-05:00

Abila, Intuit Quickbooks Online and for Desktop, Microsoft Dynamics Navision and Great Plains, Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 100 MAS90, Sage 100 MAS200, Sage 300 CRE (Timberline), Sage 300 ACCPAC, Sage 50 Simply and Peachtree.


How secure is Validis technology?2018-06-15T14:21:46-05:00

Data is securely transmitted using Microsoft Azure. Additional security features include: HTTPS, AES 256 BIT data encryption (bank-grade), SSL, stateful firewall protection, and the system is both ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified.


How does Validis benefit my clients?2018-07-11T14:38:36-05:00

Validis eliminates the need for your clients to manually gather their financial information and reports and send to you using insecure methods such as regular mail, email, fax, etc. This saves valuable time for both you and your clients.  In addition, our DataShare View portal allows the client manager to schedule reoccurring uploads of a client’s data.  This provides additional time savings for your clients and ensures that the data is free from human intervention.