Technology for Accounting Firms
Collects and standardizes client financial data so firms can focus on higher value work.

Without Validis


Manual labor intensive and time consuming request for information process for accountants, auditors, and their clients.


Manual formatting of financial data in varying forms detract from higher value work and risks data quality.


Manual creation of financial reports and working papers drive additional resource inefficiencies.  

With Validis


At the touch of a button, Validis connects to your client’s SMB accounting application and enables SMEs to securely share their full transactional history.


Validis interrogates the data for accuracy and transforms it into a comprehensive set of standardized reports that can be downloaded into Excel or ported into other systems.


In just minutes, you gain access to a complete view of your client’s accounting data for easy analysis and examination.


Go From Busy Season to Effective Season

According to Jim Bourke, Head of Audit Innovation at WithumSmith+Brown, “Validis will totally change the way you do auditing…forever!”  See the video here.

  Although firms have made investments in data analytics technology, the process of getting and standardizing a client’s financial data has been stagnant.  Accounting firms are under pressure to deliver audits with high assurance quicker and more efficiently.  The key to achieving this is to decrease the time it takes to get a client’s financial data and to eliminate manual data entry and formatting processes.  Validis provides value to accounting firms in the areas of auditing, tax, account preparation insolvency, restructuring, and transactions. We provide firms with a current view of their client’s financial data in a consistent format.

Validis connects directly to your client’s accounting application and allows them to securely share their entire financial history in just minutes.  This provides a 25% time savings by minimizing the back and forth request for information process with your client.

Our unique, patented algorithms interrogate the data for complete accuracy.  Validis provides you with pre-mapped reports in a consistent format, regardless of your client’s accounting application, for viewing and analysis with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Our dynamic user interface allows accountants and auditors to drill down to the double-entry level, putting them in the seat of their client’s financial controller.  Reports can be downloaded into Excel or ported into another technology program for further analysis.  In addition, Validis enables continuous audit monitoring, taking you from busy season to effective season.

Validis is the 2017 BAA Excellence in Accounting and Finance Technology Award Winner from AccountancyAge.  Learn more.

Accounting firms in the United States may purchase Validis technology for accountants from our exclusive reseller, Wolters Kluwer.  Click here to visit the CCH Audit Accelerator page on the Wolters Kluwer website.


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Standardized Financial Reports

Aged Debtors Report
Debtors Activity Report
Aged Creditors Report
Creditors Activity Report
Income Statement Report
Balance Sheet Report
Cash Flow Statement Report
Trial Balance Report
Full General Ledger Report
Full Journal Entries Report
Full Transactional History
Double Entry Level Drill Down

The Data Journey

1. Account Activation
Both you and your client sign up via a simple web portal

2. Client Verification
Client authorizes data access and automated data transmission begins

3. Data Interrogation
Validis technology drills down into the data set checking for anomalies and errors.

4. Standardized Reports
Provides a full audit preparation pack, pre-mapped and delivered to you, complete with drill down functionality

5. Full Data Set Analysis
Download reports instantly from the online portal for comprehensive analysis

6. Online Access Anytime
Cloud-based technology means you have real time data access

The Benefits

Validis savings-icon


Reduced risk and increased efficiencies result in significant time and cost savings for you and your clients.

Validis speed-icon


Accurate financial data from your client’s accounting software to your screen in minutes, improving your client’s experience and saving you time.

Validis Standardization-icon


Regardless of your client’s accounting application, Validis produces standardized reports saving you time spent on manual formatting.

Validis simplicity-icon


With just a few clicks of the mouse, you have access to real time data providing an up-to-date, transparent view of the financials.

Validis security icon


ISO 27001 certified
SOC 2 certified
NIST Standard
AES 256 BIT encryption

Validis Standardisation icon


Unique, patented algorithms analyze and interrogate the data ensuring data quality is intact.