GRENKE Factoring – Digitising the lending journey

GRENKE Factoring provides flexible, fast and personal receivables management services for SMEs in the UK and Europe. Formed in the UK in 2013 off the back of strong growth in the German market, they set themselves the goal of providing quick and straightforward processing for their factoring clients – enter Validis! Read More...

Are You Leveraging the Right Data?

New data sets are paraded before the lending market constantly, each promising to provide all the information needed to understand customers inside and out. The individual value of these data types varies greatly, as does the level of automation required to access, filter and standardize it into formats that can be easily analyzed. But when combined, these data sets can [...]

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WithumSmith+Brown – Transforming the Traditional Audit

"The traditional audit is dead," proclaims Jim Bourke, Head of Audit Transformation at Withum, the 27th largest accounting firm in the US. With roughly $150m in revenue, a staff of about 900 and 2,000 audits conducted annually, this influential firm believes the traditional audit is facing some challenges. Read More...