Are You Leveraging the Right Data?

New data sets are paraded before the lending market constantly, each promising to provide all the information needed to understand customers inside and out. The individual value of these data types varies greatly, as does the level of automation required to access, filter and standardize it into formats that can be easily analyzed. But when combined, these data sets can [...]

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Data Standardization Technology

Data is a key resource – if not the resource – that powers modern business. Yet, unless it is in a homogenized package, its benefits are limited, thus limiting what industries – especially the accounting and lending industries – can achieve for its clients. The power of data is well known.  However, full adoption has been slow, despite the indisputable [...]

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Why Data is the Cornerstone of the Future

Oil is Out – Data Now Fuels the World A recent Economist1 article likened data to oil, highlighting how – like oil – data is a power that dictates so much about how our modern world functions. And, as we frantically attempt new ways to access oil, we also tirelessly attempt ways to assert ownership over data in order [...]

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