2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience Award – FinancesOnline.com

Validis is pleased to announce that we have received two distinguished awards, Rising Star and Great User Experience as well as the Quality Seal from FinancesOnline! You can find more details about the awards in a very positive review of Validis on their platform.

Validis was brought to life by Finance and IT professionals who identified an opportunity in the accounting and lending industries. They saw a need for a fast, simple and secure alternative to the risky manual methods of data sharing in financial review processes. Several years of development later, Validis, the first automated data extraction and analysis software became a reality.

Validis cloud-based software extracts and standardizes financial data directly from SMB accounting applications and sends that data to the auditor or lender. Our unique intelligence includes data mapping and classification technology that automatically delivers the financial data to our clients in the form of standardized reports. Validis connects to over 70% of the SMB accounting software market and features deep data capture: double-entry level information. Validis software provides value-added benefits to the clients we serve including: time and cost savings, platform simplicity, bank-grade security, transactional detail level sophistication, data extraction and transmission speed, and report standardization. Our team is focused on service excellence and ongoing innovation to stay ahead of the fintech industry and provide our clients with tomorrow’s technology, today.

The team at Validis is so proud to have received such an honor by FinancesOnline, and we are dedicated more than ever to putting our clients at the heart of what we do. We invite all current and prospective clients to expect great service and innovative financial data sharing solutions as we grow!

We are happy to inform you that Validis was awarded with FinanceOnline’s 2017 Rising Star award for their financial reporting software category. This award is given to new SaaS products that are newer to the market and are already getting good traction within the marketplace and are viewed as a service that’s really efficient despite its young age.

Validis also received the 2017 Great User Experience award. This award is granted to products that offer an especially good user experience. FinanceOnline evaluates how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

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