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Baker Hill

A trusted leader in financial technology, their innovative solution streamlines origination and portfolio management for business, consumer direct and indirect lending, while their award-winning business intelligence tools mitigate risk and generate growth – all through a single, integrated platform.

baker hill Lending Partner

Twenty years ago, PayNet was launched to create better tools for the small business and credit market.  Today, they’re still at it, with commercial lending data and insights you simply can’t get anywhere else.

When access to capital expanded, companies grow, careers thrive and communities prosper. To close the small business credit gap, they’re on a mission to make the lending process faster, easier, more accurate and more profitable.

Equiniti Riskfactor

Equiniti Riskfactor provides risk management and fraud analytics software to the global commercial financial market.

They have a proven track record of working with leading financial institutions and banks globally and currently work with 90% of the UK receivables financial market.


AccountScore helps businesses to obtain and understand bank transaction data with complete flexibility.

AccountScore is an analytics business based in London but with people in the USA and in India, which provides actionable insights and analytics on bank transaction data for our clients – typically banks and financial services companies who want to learn more about their customers, prospects and applicants.


DueDil is a predictive company intelligence platform building the world’s most complete source of information on companies and the people behind them.

It uses proprietary matching technology to link billions of company data points from authoritative sources, providing unique insight through its Business Information Graph. DueDil’s powerful API and web platform provide its clients with the data and tools to target, assess and on-board SMEs at scale.


VALID8 automates independently-sourced evidence collection (banking activity, blockchain journal entries, and credit reports) and provides 3rd party-verified financial intelligence (financial statements, quality of earnings reports, etc…).


ABLSoft provides best-in-class Cloud asset-based lending and factoring portfolio management software for compliance and loan monitoring efficiency. 

The partnership enables SMB borrowers to digitally share their Borrowing Base Certificate, Accounts Receivables and financials through the ABLSoft application, drastically reducing effort for all parties.

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